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An unlevel playing field

June 9th, 2015 · 1 Comment · General

unlevel playing field


Digital technology is an unlevel playing field. In my opinion, it is the most unlevel playing field we have ever faced in education. Looking back at the history of education, there has been no other time when something has had such an effect on people yet the level of knowledge and expertise of users of technology is so difficult to determine. A bold statement you might suggest but let


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  • Annabel Dalzell

    “we rarely have any idea who has expertise let alone in what area of digital technology that expertise lies”. This really resonates with me. In a large teaching organisation one of the real challenges is identifying the ‘champions’, or even the students/teachers who have an interest that could be developed. The same people are always called on to lead the way. Leveling the playing field would enable more to be involved and spread the load.

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