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Not Just a Teacher

Tales of Shared Research

April 27th, 2014 · 1 Comment · General

This post provides my views on how 2 teachers in different countries and time zones have teamed up to research and publish academic writing. It provides an insight into what has been done, how it was done and the benefits of working this way.

I recently worked in Higher Education. In that time, I worked for and with academics. I began to understand the world of academic research, of publishing papers and journals, of collaborating in this process. I became involved in researching and writing papers, co-authoring 2 and being the lead author on 1 publication. In this process of research I felt I learned so much not only about research methods but about writing. I was challenged in many ways and I knew I benefited immensely from the experience. Hence, I wanted to bring something similar with me into the Secondary sector.

My memory is not brilliant so I can’t recall how it first came about but I think I asked @ianinsheffield if he would like to be a co-author on a paper for NAACE Advancing Education Journal


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