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Not Just a Teacher

Education & the Celebrity Keynotes

February 7th, 2014 · 1 Comment · General

For a long time now, I have questioned the worth of a celebrity keynote. I have been to education conferences in many places intended for audiences from different sectors, groups, etc and have begun to think about the value of a well-known, respected voice in a particular field or fields of education is to the experience of the attendees. In more crude terms, I am asking the question:

Has this person been booked to speak at this event because without their name on the bill people would not come (big name demand) or is their attendance a vital component of the experience, something that without them being there, the conference would be worse, not as informative, educational or focused?

In a recent post on the importance of the


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  • IaninSheffield

    I think you may be on to something Mr J. Perhaps a keynote could have so much more value if supplemented in the way you describe? What if the celebducator opened up the topic well in advance of the session, allowed (or even encouraged) a preliminary debate, addressed some of the points raised, then allowed (or even encouraged) a post-keynote discussion?
    Instead of tripping out that well-worn slidedeck on their favourite topic, the presenter could assess and respond to the needs of their audience, then actively engage them … bit like a good teacher really?!

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