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Enter stage left: Education

February 10th, 2013 · No Comments · General

Having just visited the cinema in a morning visit (this happens quite a lot when you have small children), I began to think that despite cinemas, movie theatres attempts to put their assets to greater use more often, they surely remain under-utilised, largely empty for significant periods of time.  Of course they will have business models that take account of that (hence the ridiculously large ticket prices they charge!!) but my guess is that they would dearly love to have more use and more public through the doors of their establishments more often. Now, I know that some people will say there are already conferences held at some cinemas but isn’t there more that can be done and the conference use should light a few brain bulbs, in my opinion. Why?

Enter stage left: Education

Surely these spaces could be adapted to provide a slightly larger area at the front perhaps with some removable seats and a portable lectern and hey presto we have a lecture theatre. Add to this the cafes, bars and spacious social corridors could be used as breakout spaces and are these perhaps a lot better than some existing lecture theatres in use in education.

But isn’t this a backward step in education? After all lectures are what we are trying to move away from aren’t they?

True in many respects, but there is still a demand for such spaces in some areas especially of higher education. So, when the cries ring out in establishments where someone has had the audacity to suggest getting rid of lecture theatres, here is a place to fall back on, to use when such spaces are required or demanded. And think of the media opportunities with 3D and massive surround sound systems.

Pushing the boat out further, maybe there could even be a sort of community clause given to planning applications for cinemas that requires them to provide their spaces at reduced costs of even free for education. However, I guess that means we will still be paying through the nose for some film like MonsterMunch Inc II 3D that has about 5 seconds of worthwhile 3D in it.


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