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Anyone for Computer Science at KS3?

April 19th, 2012 · 151 Comments · General

As promised to anyone who cares to listen, I have been working on a set of resources to teach Key Stage 3 Computing and Programming. As discussed in #ictcurric and #digitalstudies on Twitter, these are important parts of a multi-faceted curriculum for ICT, IT or whatever you want to call it from now on.

Please noteThe link above is to our VLE and there are a number of Teacher Notes you cannot see as they are hidden without log-in. I have the course backed up in a Zip file that is in on Dropbox and can give access to anyone who gives me their email address either here or on Twitter.

These resources follow quite closely what the Computing for Schools group say students should know at Key Stage 3 in their Curriculum for Schools . The resources are far from perfect though and in only cover the theoretical elements. The programming elements I will provide in the next few weeks. In creating the resources I must add however, that the CAS curriculum also need some improvement and clarification in my opinion.

So, feel free to use the resources, adapt them, add to them or ignore them 🙂 but bear in mind the following:

  • They are designed to fit into a a very limited time frame so some topics could and maybe should have more time devoted to them
  • They are designed with little differentiation prescribed. This will need to be addressed by the teacher delivering and indeed in my school, teachers are creating and editing resources for this purpose
  • They are set up for note-taking with OneNote but alternatives can be used
  • The Programming elements has not been covered at all yet in the resources and this topic will be given approx 4 weeks coverage in addition to what is here

Obviously, these are open to any constructive criticisms you want to provide and please do. They can only assist in the development of the teaching resources in this area.

Go forth and use, please


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