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Head of ICT – job specification extras

April 6th, 2012 · No Comments · General

Job specifications are often provided with adverts and contracts of employment covering what is expected of a person in a position but there is so much more to any teaching job than what is written in a specification. Perhaps job specs should really be called minimum requirements. But in ICT, there are a variety of characteristics I don’t think I have ever seen mentioned or talked about and to my mind they really should:

  • An interest in and knowledge of a variety of fields of technology from mobile to programming, web design to cloud storage, animation to virtual reality, etc to etc. Now, I am not suggesting for a minute that many Heads of ICT have a great interest in all of these but some of your students and staff might. Without be willing to at least listen and learn to interest in specialist areas of IT then you run the risk of dampening enthusiasm for the subject as a whole. Any interest in IT’s variety of disciplines needs to be nurtured
  • Accepting that you are not the fountain of knowledge. A willingness to be taught by your students, to have the roles reversed with students knowing more than you do is going to happen to you and in fact the more it happens, the better job you must be doing in up-skilling your students and stimulating their interest in IT. You have to accept that there will be pockets of students doing weird and wonderful things in gaming, robotics or customising game controllers (a recent new discovery for me), or whatever takes their fancy. If you touch on their areas of expertise in your classes then use these students to further the knowledge and development of the class and yourself
  • Keep abreast of technological developments, commentary and trends. This one probably sounds obvious to most people but there are many ICT teachers I have met who do not do this and seem to have no interest in doing so. I find it hard to come to terms with the idea that a Head of ICT or indeed any teacher of the subject can be doing their job properly if they are not aware of what is going on around them and bringing this into their classrooms. Surely, it is like a Business Studies teacher not watching the financial news or reading this information in newspapers/magazines?
  • A willingness to share knowledge and tech discoveries, promote the significance of technology with other members of the teaching staff in the school. If you are doing your job properly in respect of keeping abreast of technological developments then you have information worth sharing within the community you work in. This can only benefit the community as a whole in the long run as the increased use of educational technology throughout your school will increase it’s profile for both students and staff. A win win situation for your department and the school
  • The expectancy that your role as Head of ICT is not bound to solely facilitating IT education in lesson time. By seeing the role as enhancing the use of IT in positive, learning


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