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Not Just a Teacher

Why ICT should still be taught in schools and a way to do it properly

April 2nd, 2012 · 23 Comments · General

Lots of comments have been made recently suggesting there is little future for ICT and little worth in it. Here’s a few headline grabbers you may have seen:

“ICT at school is boring” (,


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  • Bob Harrison

    Great post Nick and a wonderful response to the article in the Observer by John Naughton at the weekend

    I have posted both pieces on the National College’s Teaching Schools New Technology Advisory Board’s online community to stimulate a discussion.

    Many thanks Nick…..

    It doesn’t have to be a polarised Computer Science v ICT debate surely?

    • largerama

      Cheers Bob. I only wish I could reach those who think that teaching ICT is about giving out worksheets on MS skills

  • @infernaldepart

    A great, well thought argument throughout! I must admit you

  • Anne3846

    An excellent read Nick, and some very good ideas I will re-read and try them out with some of my classes.

    There are lots of inspirational links too, that I will be checking out!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • ICT?

    How is this ICT?
    ICT should be about how computers work, all the different OSs, what a hard drive, processor, memory etc are and how they are used. It should also look at different programming languages and in what way they are all used. Also the history of computing.

    • largerama

      it@example: While I agree that the elements you mention are important parts of learning about digital technology and ICT, they are not the be all and end all of the discipline. ICT is just as much as much about the application of digital tools to specific criteria. Realistically, it could also be said that the work I am putting these students through is very much the essence of the Systems Life Cycle. Surely you are not going to suggest that is not ICT either? Likewise, the work resembles what you would expect a design studio to produce (web design, animation etc). Would they not be areas of the IT industry? By your comments, it sounds as if you are on the bandwagon of “dump ICT and teach Computing”. Well, if that is the case then I suggest you read other posts on my blog and have a close look at what a balanced curriculum should be as regards IT as a subject.

      Perhaps, your lack of willingness to leave your name or a proper email address suggests a lack of confidence in your criticisms or is that being too harsh?!?

  • Claire Donlan

    A very interesting and informative post. It is great to read how ICT teachers demonstrate that ICT is engaging and appealing. It is important that ICT is not sidelined for the ‘computing bandwagon’. I’m all in favour of teaching computing/coding/programming but I’m even more in favour of students learning and knowing about all aspects of ICT across their lives – and that it is worthwhile.

  • Dan Stucke

    Great to read your efforts here Nick – well done! Will be really interested to hear how you get on with taking the projects the students are working on and jumping through the prescriptive OCR National hoops that sadly await. Would also love to be a fly on the wall as the assessor looks at them and realises they are all different 😉

    Would be great if you can share some stories / examples of where the students are going with their work.

  • ICT & Computing have their place

    Likewise, the work resembles what you would expect a design studio to produce (web design, animation etc). Would they not be areas of the IT industry?

    Would these not be better characterised as part of the media industry?

    • largerama

      Thanks for the comment.

      Without doubt much of this can be pigeon-holed into various sectors other than IT but isn’t that the point I’m getting at here. I am educating students to have a variety of skills and ways of working that I believe can benefit them in a whole host of sectors they choose to work in or areas of FE and HE they choose to study in. IT is the vehicle being used and indeed it could be argued much of the time in most work sectors, FE and HE, I believe IT would also be a vehicle especially when we’re talking about projects involving multimedia which a lot of this work is

  • dan bowen

    Spot on, an excellent refelection of exemplary practice. No more comment needed. (Great references too)

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