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Not Just a Teacher

The Computing trickle down

October 5th, 2011 · 6 Comments · General

As blogged about in quite extensive detail:


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  • Dr Tom Crick

    Hi Nick, great post — it’s hugely positive to see the OCR GCSE in Computing starting to make an impact. I hope that the other examination boards see this and start to develop rigorous GCSEs in Computing, focusing on developing these crucial computational thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills.

    Are you a member of Computing at School (CAS):


    Dr Tom Crick
    Leader in Wales, Computing at School
    Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, UWIC

    • largerama

      Thanks Tom.

      Not a member but have good contacts in CAS. They just havent been local enough for us yet although heard that they are soon to be born in Leeds.

      • Mark Clarkson

        In response to your response to Tom’s response – there is no ‘they’, there is only ‘us’ 🙂

        CAS is the people in CAS. Whether local to you or not, I think there is a lot that CAS for do for you and a lot that you can do for CAS (or rather, what you’re doing can help CAS).

        Sales pitch aside – it’s great isn’t it? Although I’m finding that results in CA are bimodal (no-one seems to be getting a C), the idea that we can approach things however we see fit is, indeed, refreshing.

        Best of luck with it!

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