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Not Just a Teacher

DIY spec

July 18th, 2011 · 5 Comments · General

In my last post,

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  • Pete (@petejbell)

    I think this idea is very interesting and to a point I think it has legs. I won’t go over the usual concerns as these have been discussed elsewhere, but it could be simply a numbers game in the end. It is certainly worth talking this through further to flesh it out. I hope you get more commentary on here!

  • Sandra

    An interesting idea. As a Chief Examiner I would want to see a bit more structure than you suggest but I entirely agree that coursework units should be written so that teachers can best reflect local situations and the changing technology used in the real world. I have forwarded a link to this page to AQA through my Subject Manager. If you want some help putting the coursework suggestion together please feel free to contact me.

  • Anne

    After getting over the initial shock of a DIY coursework module, on reflection, I do like the idea. It has the potential for some very good-shared ideas amongst teachers, students and businesses. As Teachers we have experience of changing syllabus briefs or project ideas so that they become more engaging to our students, and keeping inline with the existing marking scheme, so why not give us the opportunity to create our own coursework modules and own marking schemes

  • Nick

    Anne – thanx for the comments and I’m glad you like it. I feel this would be an exciting way forward. Intention to be as wide in the offering as to allow Computing choices as well as say perhaps building/installing networks or graphics work.

  • Peter Walker

    I think this type of qualification existed in the 1980’s for a variety of subject areas, I think it was City & Guilds. Would this avenue diluet the rigour of ICT, will it promot the numbers game that so many school have fallen into thanks to the league tables. This approach would require a degree of flexibility which in my experience government don’t like, consider the KS3 National Curriculum, perscriptive or what! It will be interesting to see where the government goes with ICT over the next few months.

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