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Ideas for a NEW GCSE ICT Spec

July 6th, 2011 · 4 Comments · General

After the initial flurry of interest on designing a new spec for ICT GCSE in response to the many concerns being voiced over current offerings:

Then on to sign up and initial discussions on shared Google docs:

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  • Zoe Rose

    That’s brilliant. Useful, clear, and comprehensive.

    One thing that occurs to me is this: I’m not sure that the division between ‘digital media development’ and ‘digital communication’ is that clear-cut – if I design a lovely background for my wp blog, am I engaging in media development or communication? And I’m sure there are many who would argue that design *is* communication – a whole other ball of wax!

    I like that reflection and review are intrinsic – well done on making that embedded in the model.

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