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Ideas for a NEW GCSE ICT Spec

July 6th, 2011 · 4 Comments · General

After the initial flurry of interest on designing a new spec for ICT GCSE in response to the many concerns being voiced over current offerings:

Then on to sign up and initial discussions on shared Google docs:

I thought I had better start the ball really rolling.

So I pondered for the last 24 hours or so what could “a GCSE spec for ICT that we want” (@gvibe 25/6/2011) really look like? And the best image that came to mind was a Venn diagram:

(Can be seen in full at is shared collaboratively with those signed up to the Google doc for developing the new spec)

This attempted to show the following characteristics:

  • ICT Fundamentals – A fundamental/core unit sits in the middle, (usually known as the compulsory unit or Unit 1 in most cases). This becomes a real linchpin and actually features required theory on the optional units (any of the other circles). It will need work to keep it from being too dry I would guess, but it will give chance for a traditional exam and focus on the whys and wherefores of how things came to be as they are
  • Each circle represents a unit of work or strand that could be taken dependent on interest, student or teacher choice. I am thinking coursework here or possibly CAB (or open to other suggestions)
  • The overlapping between each unit really comes in the fact that there is reflection required from students (I have images in my head re students putting down their own thoughts, getting feedback e.g. on a questionnaire and comparing that to own thoughts, then summarizing)

Obviously this is an outline structure, very raw and ready for manipulation and probably distortion but it is a start so let’s start the ball rolling….


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  • Zoe Rose

    That’s brilliant. Useful, clear, and comprehensive.

    One thing that occurs to me is this: I’m not sure that the division between ‘digital media development’ and ‘digital communication’ is that clear-cut – if I design a lovely background for my wp blog, am I engaging in media development or communication? And I’m sure there are many who would argue that design *is* communication – a whole other ball of wax!

    I like that reflection and review are intrinsic – well done on making that embedded in the model.

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