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ICT a good fit for a MOOC?

September 15th, 2010 · No Comments · General

Having watched the Eight Shifts presentation a few times (, there could be a lot there for secondary school education in the UK to model itself on or at least a lot that schools really should be working towards. Focusing on my subject- ICT and specific aspect of the presentation, the concept of a Massive Open Online Course explained by the video on slide 82 of the presentation and shown here:

I started to think about the OCR Nationals course and similar ‘optional unit’ courses such as BTEC, IMedia etc: How much can these courses given the potential for choice, independent learning and the supposed IT proficiency of most young people be the foundations that allow the development of an MOOC?

Dave Cormier on that course sets out an MOOC as being a networked course that is decentralized and participatory. Some of that could be done in my view on a course such as OCR Nationals where the work that has to be completed is merely proof of skills with software. The scenario or context (other than being ‘business’) is entirely open. Decentralization and participation are of course brave positions for any school to take when dealing with a results-based business that education in the UK demands. Yet, it could be argued that the open creation of resources (eg, activities on forums and communities (eg

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