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Kindle disappointment

September 13th, 2010 · 5 Comments · General

I am not surprised at how popular Kindles are becoming given their sleek design, simplicity, cost and the all round functionality. So, what a brilliant idea to be able to introduce them into schools and have students carry these around instead of a bag full of text books. Surely, that has to be a good idea? Well, I have found that sadly all text books used by subjects at A Level in my school are not available on Kindle and having emailed the publishers they have no plans to make them available soon. These are very popular education publishers of very popular subjects at A Level e.g. Psychology, Business Studies etc. The books are available through Amazon but the e-versions are not. Hence, the idea has come to a standstill and I can’t help feeling a tad frustrated by this. It makes me question the vision of some education resource suppliers to want to support technological advances


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  • John McLear

    Doesn’t the kindle have the ability to access online resources that aren’t e-books? Surely there is a way you can leverage that access to find suitable alternatives?

    • largerama

      But these are official textbooks that the teachers require students to have for their A Levels such as these:
      AQA Psychology (A) AS Psychology isbn: 978-0-7487-9823-0
      AQA Psychology (A) A2 Psychology isbn: 978-0-7487-9825-4
      I wanted to get use of Kindle’s going in the school through a pilot involving A Level students to limit numbers and to see how the device works with a variety of subjects, teachers, etc. There will be alternative resources but arguably the textbook is the primary resource, the essential resource in this case and so to not have that de-values the worth of the Kindle straight away

  • Damoward

    Didn’t know that, Nick. Like the reading quality of the kindle but it is a one trick pony compared to the iPad. Incidentally the iPad is pretty crap as an ereader, paper much more preferable. Would like to get my Mitsubishi on a kindle just to compare….

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